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Call for Oral and Poster Presentations - Submission Form


For information about the CFHA Call for Proposals click here.

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Please complete ALL 13 sections and fields within the form below.
The submission form has several sections with 13 SEPARATE PAGES that must be completed. Each page must be completed in its entirety to successfully submit your proposal.

1. This form may NOT allow for you to save and return to the form later. Please review the form carefully BEFORE entering data to ensure you have answers for all questions and thereby avoid system time-outs and duplicate entries.

2. Your form will not transmit without a response for all required (*) fields.

3. Copy and paste all content as PLAIN TEXT without formatting and symbols. Formatting commands (table, bold, indent, auto numbering, etc) will not transfer. Symbols (for example: quotation marks, ™ Σ ≤) will not transfer. Please edit and save your information in PLAIN TEXT document, then COPY and PASTE the plain text into our online submission fields.

4. If your form is transmitted successfully, you will see a "Thank You" page and you should print a copy of your submission for your records.

5. If your form does NOT transmit, please scroll to the top of the form for a notification about incorrect data, missing responses in fields, etc.

6. If you have difficulty submitting, please try the TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS (listed above). When all else fails, contact CFHA staff for assistance.
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